Submit your website to google [Google Webmaster tools]

So, you’ve developed or designed an amazing site for yourself or for your client. You’ve put together some valuable content and worked on the design, and gathered a lot of feedback. Now, you’re finally feeling ready to share it with the world.

And as soon as you publish your new site for everyone to see, all of your content will immediately start showing up in Google, right? So how do you do it?

Well, it’s quite simple to submit your website to google but, before that, you need to understand how Google finds your content. Google uses its own big set of computers to crawl billions of pages from the web. This is called crawlers or google bots. For any crawler to start digging into your website for content it requires a sitemap date that is to be submitted to Google using the Google webmaster tool. Once the crawling process is completed google then sends all the results to Google index. During this crawling process, the crawlers search for things such as title tags, meta description, alt tags, and more.

How Do I Submit My Site to Google?

Step 1- Visit this website

Step 2- Sign in and click on add property

Step 3- Add your website URL and do the verification process by using any of the following methods but I would suggest you go with HTML tag method as this method is really simple and easy. Once you’re done with this verification you can now submit your sitemap to google.

Step 5- Now in this step you can find the sitemap submission option in the image below.


That’s it you’re done. Now let the google’s crawler do their job of going through each and every page.