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Gauri Kekre
8 weeks
All levels
11 lessons
0 quizzes
65 students

Module 1:
1.) Super sharp edges in round cakes
2.) Super sharp edges in square cake
3.) Sharp edges in hexagonal cake and heart cake

Module 2:
1) Hand painting on Whipped cream
2.) Palette knife painting on Whipped cream
3.) pointillism embroidery
4.) Cake top forward round and square
5) creating new textures in Whipped cream like fabric drapes/ creative use of icing nozzles to create innovative textures
6) stencilling on Whipped cream
7) Using gold and silver effect creatively on Whipped cream

Module 3:
1) Creating unique two tier and 3 tier wedding cakes with Whipped cream
2) Use of Rice paper, Wafer paper, isomalt to create unique designs
3) Use of tempered pure chocolate and compound chocolate to create unique designs, gold spherical balls
4) Making and using edible lace
5) Making and using edible fabric
7) creative use of sugar sheets
8) Use of fondant accents on wc
9) Internal structure + Assembly + detailed demonstration of packaging and transport

Module 4:
1.) Carved cakes using Whipped cream such as burger cake
2.) Swan Cake
3.) Handbag Cake

Plus there will be 8 group calls to answer all your Whipped cream problems.

1 assignment to be completed for certification.

Notes will be provided in pdf format.

Duration: 2 months