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                    This egg biryani recipe is not just quick and easiest to make but very flavorful and delicious. Do try out this recipe and let me know how you like it .
1. Brown onions half cup. ( fry 1 large onion till brown ) 
2. Roast 6 boiled eggs with pinch of turmeric 1tsp chilly powder salt and keep aside. 
3. For curd mixture curd half cup mix with 2 tsp chilly powder  pinch of turmeric and garam masala powder 1 tsp.  Mix all these well and keep.
For biryani 
1. Oil 2 tbsp 
2. Ghee 2 tbsp 
3. Onions 2 large sliced
4. Whole spices ( cinammon 1 inch bay leaf 1 cloves 3 green star anise 1) 
5. Green chillies 3 finely chopped 
6. Ginger garlic paste half tbsp 
7. Tomatoes 3 chopped 
8. Coriander leaves 
9. Mint leaves half cup 
10. Soaked Basmati rice 2 cups 
11. Water 3 cups . 
1. In a deep bottomed kadhai add oil ghee fry the whole spices 
2. Add onions let them brown now add tomatoes add salt cook well till done. 
3. Now add the curd mixture cook well. Add rice salt coriander and mint leaves stir once. 
4. Now add roasted eggs on top 
5. Once u get a good boil. Reduce heat to sim with lid on for 16 mins. 
6. Off the gas let it rest for 5 mins 
7. Serve hot with boondi raita 




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