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                      Theres definitely no comparison to the famous Krishna sweets or nandini brands mysore pak… or may be I havent tried and  researched a perfect recipe although this one is a good one for first timers like me and trust me the most EASIEST one I could ever make. Do try  out this recipe and let me know how you like it . 
1. Besan 1cup 
2. Sugar 1 cup 
3. Water half cup 
4. Ghee 150
1. Roast besan with 1tbsp ghee. Let it turn nice light brown and fragrant on low flame. Will take 5 to 10 mins 

2. Once done sieve in a bowl add ghee whisk well till no lumps 
3. In a pan add water and sugar let the sugar dissolve well and let it boil. Now add the besan mixture. 
4. Keep cooking adding 1 tbsp ghee in between.
5. Brush ghee on a tray. Once u get a thread like consistency switch off the gas immediately and pour in tray. 
6. Let it come to room temperature. Cut to desired size and hog on




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