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                         I would always have the fascination to make ghee at home. Making ghee at home would require lot of patience in collecting malai from the milk. People who use buffaloes milk would easily extract good amount of malai. I had failed thrice and almost given up on making ghee. It was only when my dearest friend ritu Singh came home and taught me this easy recipe. I would always owe this to her. Do try out this recipe and let me know how you like it. Trust me they taste delicious and no comparison to any store bought ghee 
1. Malai.
2. Dahi 
3. Ice cubes 

1. Daily keep removing malai from buffaloes milk and store in air tight box in fridge. After you collect about 2kgs malai remove from fridge and keep it out for 1hr till it comes to room temperature . Microwave for 1 minute. 
2. Add 2 tbsp curd mix well and keep the mixture overnight on the counter 
3. Next day mix it well for 2mins. Now add 1 bowl of ice cubes and keep mixing well till you get the makhan separated from whey ( looks like solid mass) take this mass and put on wide kadhai.
4. Keep cooking on low to medium flame till u get clear yellow colour ghee and the brown residue will be settled on bottom . Keep mixing once a while till this stage. 
5. Now let the mixture cool fill in glass container. 
6. Use this golden love in dosa roti or make Indian sweets with it.




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