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                     Baby potatoes are cooked with spices and curd to form a brilliant dish called dum aloo. The Kashmiri version is different from this method as this one is slightly inclined towards bengali cuisine. Do try out this recipe and let me know how you like it .
1. Baby potatoes half kg 
2. Make a paste of green chillies 1 inch ginger 4 cloves add black salt 1tsp amchoor 1tsp and cumin powder half tsp coriander powder 1 tsp with little water. ( not too watery not too thin ) 
3. Bay leaf 2 
4. Cardamom 2 
5. Cinnamon stick 1 inch 
6. Cloves 3 
7. Green chillies 3 slit 
8. Red chilly powder 1tsp 
9. Turmeric powder 1tsp 
10. Curd half cup whisked 
11. Garam masala 1tsp 
12. Ghee tsp 
13. Kasuri methi 1 tsp crushed 
14. Ketchup 1 tbsp 
15. Sugar 
16. Salt 
15. Hot water half litres. 
16. 4 tbsp cashews ground to fine powder.
17. Balanced green peas half cup. 
18. Mustard oil 5tbsp 
19. Hing 1 tsp 
1. Boil baby potatoes with salt . Peel and keep aside. 
2. In a kadhai add mustard oil put bay leaf cardamom cloves cinammon. 
3. Add hing turmeric and red chilly powder. 
4. Add the mixed spice paste of powdered masala and ginger paste. 
5. Cook well till oil oozes out 
6. Add curds whisk well till forms a nice gravy 
7. Add kasuri methi ketchup garam masala and ghee. 
8. Add potatoes and green peas. 
9. Roast well. Add salt and hot water. 
10. Let it boil for 5 mins. 
11. Add cashew powder and let it boil on sim for 15 mins. 
12. Add sugar and check salt. 
13. Serve hot with koraishutir kachuri or luchi 




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