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                 This curry is made by using roasted spices and coconut. Addition of potatoes along with prawns gives it a very nice taste . This recipe is my mother’s and I just don’t fail anytime I try it. Do give a try on this recipe and let me know how u like it
1. Prawns cleaned and deviened 1kg
2. Coriander seeds 2tbsp
3. Methi seeds half tsp
4. Cumin seeds 1tsp
5. Garlic cloves 7
6. Ginger half inch
7. Red chillies 10 to 12
8. Onions 1 sliced and 1  chopped . Total 2 onions
9. Turmeric 1tsp
10. Salt to taste
11. Tamarind 1 small ball sized.
12. Potatoes 2 cut into cubes
13. Tomatoes chopped 1
14. Coconut scrapped 1cup
1. Roast coriander seeds methi seeds cumin seeds keep aside.
2. In same pan take little oil saute onions garlic and ginger till onions turn brown
3. Saute coconut for few minutes
4. Grind all this in a mixer with addition of enough water to get a thick smooth paste.
5. Take a deep vessel add 4 cups of water add chopped  tomatoes and potatoes and turmeric.  Cook till potatoes turn soft.
6. Add the ground paste along with prawns and salt.
7. Cook till prawns go well cooked and gravy thickens a bit. Takes around 15 minutes in medium to low flame .
8. Adjust salt to taste.
9. In a small kadhai take oil add few curry leaves add finely chopped onions saute till brown and add this into prawn curry

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