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                    This is a very basic simple recipe which I always end up making when I don’t have exotic veggies in my storage. The homemade sauce is very simple and lends out the best flavour to pizza even if just had with cheese and onions on it. Do try out this simple recipe and let me know how u like it.
1. Onions 2 finely chopped
2. Tomatoes 2 finely chopped and 2 pureed.
3. Garlic cloves 15 to 20 finely chopped
4. Butter 2tbsp
5. Oregano 1tsp
6. Chilly flakes or chilly powder 1tsp
7. Tomato ketchup 1tbsp
8. Mixed herbs 1tsp
9. Salt to taste .
10. Boiled corns half cup
11. Chicken sausages 2 or 3
13. Cheese cubes 3 or mozzrella
14. Onions diced 1
1. Heat 1tbsp butter in a pan add add sliced sausages and saute till cooked . Keep it aside.
2. In a pan add butter saute onions till they turn pink then add chopped garlic . Cook for a minute
3. Add finely cut tomatoes and the puree . Cook well
4. Add oregano ketchup chilli flakes mixed herbs and salt.
5. Take a pizza base spread the sauce and top it with CORN sausages and diced onions .
6. Add mozzrella or grated cheese on top of the pizza and bake at 180 degree for 15 mins.
7. If u want it more crisp grill it in oven for 2 mins .
8. Enjoy

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