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Since childhood o have always been eating the famous jalebi from jhama sweet shop in chembur camp. No matter wherever I went no jalebi could beat the taste and the nostalgic flavour of jhama jalebi. My recipe is nowhere close to jhama s jalebi but yes if you follow proper instructions as I have mentioned below you will get a crisp tasty and a yumm feeling after eating this.


🔺 Batter
1. Maida/flour 1cup
2. Homemade curd 1 and 1/4cup to 1 and 1 and half cup
Preferably a day older curd.

🔺 Sugar syrup
1. Sugar 2cups
2. Water 1 and half cups
3. Few strands of kesar

🔺 Other ingredients
1. Soda bi carb/ meetha soda 1/4tsp
2. Besan 1tbsp
3. Empty squeeze bottle or piping bag


1. Mix flour and 1 and 1/4cup curd and make a thick soft dropping consistency batter like pakoda batter . Add 1/4 cup more if batter appears too thick
2. Keep this batter covered for 2hours at room temperature . Do not over ferment the batter
3. For sugar syrup heat sugar and water till sugar dissolves. Add saffron bring it to boil. Cook for 8 minutes on medium till u get slight sticky consistency . Do not cool longer for thread consistency . Keep aside and let it come to room temperature
4. Take a flat bottom  nonstick pan pour enough oil or ghee for frying about 1 inch height .
5. Add besan and soda to batter mix well and put this batter in empty squeeze bottle or piping bag and cut the ends of piping bag not too small and not thick . Thin  jalebi will remain crisp but very thin jalebi will turn  brown fast
6. Make jalebi directly into medium hot ghee piping from inside to outside and keeping little distance between the rings . Pull the last ring towards center and lock it .
7. Deep fry on medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes turning with tongs till rich golden brown colour is obtained.
8. Take out the jalebi and immediately dip into sugar syrup . Let it rest in syrup for 30 seconds to 1 minute . Serve hot


If sugar syrup is over cooked it will form a dry white coating in jalebi after it’s cooled down. If undercooked it will make your jalebi s soggy . So check the syrup between your forefinger it’s should be sticky consistency . The syrup should not be hot but should be at room temperature when u put the jalebi s in it. The left over syrup can be kept in bottle in fridge for 6 days .




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