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This dish is made by steaming fish with mild hot spices and greens . The main essence of this lies in the distinct aroma and taste of banana leaves. Yes this is steamed in banana leaves . My better half s favourite fish item is all here for you guys. Do try out this recipe and let me know how you liked it.


1. Fish 1kg (pomfret or any fish of your choice )
2. Coconut 1/2cup
3. Coriander leaves 1 Cup
4. Mint leaves 1 Cup
5. Garlic cloves 6 to 7
6. Ginger 2 inch piece
7. Jeera 1tsp
8. Tamarind 1tbsp or lemon sized ball
9. Turmeric 1tsp
10. Green chillies 4
11. Salt as per taste


1. Wash and clean the fish pieces then add salt and turmeric to it and place in a open plate.
2. In a mixer grind coriander leaves ,pudina leaves ,coconut, ginger, garlic ,jeera ,green chillies ,tamarind into a smooth paste adding very little water
3. Remove this paste in the plate where u placed fish add more salt and check seasoning.
4. The banana leaf and cut the middle part off so that u left with only leaves
5. Cut leaves in desired size for every piece as per your fish size
6. On the gas flame and place each leaf for 2 seconds and rotate to other side for 2 seconds. Keep repeating this twice. This makes your banana leaf elastic and it won’t tear when you fold the fish in it.
7. Take a steamer add water and place colander in between so that fish dosent touch water directly.
8. Now place one fish along with some masala in the leaf and fold into a pocket shape that is sealed
9. Pack all fishes individually like that and place on the steamer .
10. Steam for 10 to 12 mins
11. Put gas off and serve each piece hot .




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