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These are not just simple to make but very nutritious to eat as well . It’s rich with calcium vitamin d and amino acids. This is gluten free and great source of fibre . Do try out my simple recipe and let me know how u liked it.


1. Ragi flour 1cup
2. Ghee 6tbsp
3.  Powdered Sugar/tagar 1/2 cup. ( can add little more if u like it more sweet)
4. Cardamom powder 1/2tsp


1. Heat ghee in a kadhai add ragi flour to it cook on low to medium heat
2. Cook till ragi gives out all ghee and you get a nice nutty aroma. This will take around 10 mins or so.
3. Add cardamom powder and mix well
4. Remove mixture from fire and transfer it to another plate.
5. Let it cool for few mins
6. While it’s still warm add powdered sugar or tagar and mix well.
7. Shape a tbsp of mixture into a ball while it’s still warm
8. Let it dry on counter for 1 hour
9. Enjoy this healthy delicious treat.


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  1. Sunita

    Sooo healthy yet sooo testy..Was looking for this recipe !Just one question,Can I add 1/3 cup of wheat flour to it ,to give it a more LIKE by my kiddos…??Thy love wheat ladoos..!

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