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These are nothing but simple homemade caramel sauce filled in between chocolate .Perfect after dinner treat for those sweet tooth that crave some real deal of sweetness. Keep the size small as these are very irresistible and better to indulge in just one to get the actual taste of caramel and chocolate and not get a sugar rush by eating more than two. Do try out this simple recipe and enjoy. The recipe of caramel sauce is adapted from the blog vishualfoodie by vishaka rautela my very dear friend and foodblogger.

1. Granulated sugar 1.5 cup
2. Fresh cream 1/2 cup
3. Butter 4tbsp at room temperature
5. Water 1/3rd cup
6. Salt 1/2tsp

PROCEDURE for making caramel sauce
1. Take a nonstick pan add water and sugar and let it melt on medium to low flame
2. You will not use any spoon or laddle to mix the syrup but just patiently wait for the sugar to melt in water and caramelize.
3. Occasionally just swirl the pan slowly for even distribution of heat.
4. Once u see dark brown colour because of caramelisation of sugar switch off the gas and remove it from stove to the counter.
5. Now add butter and fresh cream and whisk nicely
6. You will see bubbling and frothing just be careful not to burn your hands .
7. Keep stirring till u get the right consistency .
8. Let it cool at room temperature transfer it in glass bottles

1. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate compound 3 slabs

1. Chop your chocolate roughly and add in microwave safe bowl .
2. Keep it in microwave for 1 min or more and keep checking in 30 secs till the compound has melted.
3. Keep whisking this till it comes to slight warm temperature or room temperature but not hot.
4. Take small sized cupcake liners and place it on cupcake tray.
5. Pour 1tbsp  chocolate in each mould and swirl individually till it surrounds the corners and you have a depression in between
6. Set the chocolate in freezer for 10 mins.
7. Remove it now add 1tsp of caramel sauce in between each cup.
8. Pour melted chocolate again to cover the full surface nicely.
9. Tap the cupcake tray hard against the counter so that the chocolate covers the whole area and you get even surface on top.
10. Refrigerate this for 10 mins
11. Now remove the liners carefully and place this adorable cups in serving plate.
12. Enjoy the Choco caramel treat


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