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This holy prasadam needs no introduction. Distributed to all devotees who visit gurudwara all across the world. This is a very simple sweet dessert which can nowhere replicate the original prasad what we find in gurudwara for the simple fact that many prayers are recited by the cook when they prepare this holy prasad for the devotees. This is my own small way to give the recipe that we can make in out households . And if this sweet reminds you of gurudwara prasad I will be more than happy
Here’s the recipe


1. Whole wheat flour (coarse variety) 1cup
2. Sugar 1cup
3. Ghee 1cup
4. Water 2cups


1. Take a vessel add water sugar and keep it on low flame till all sugar dissolves.
2. Simultaneously take a kadhai add ghee and wheat flour
3. Keep stirring and cooking on lowest flame
4. Stir continuously till u get medium to  dark brown colour
5. Add sugar water and keep stirring continuously
6. The mixture will look watery but don’t worry everything will come together to form a delicious halwa.
7. Stir till u get a good mass that’s not sticking to pan
8. Remove it in another bowl and serve warm

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