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These might look like ladoos but are actually a great energy snack for your kids and you. Have used dry fruits like almonds walnuts cashews and dates. You add pistachios raisins or any other dry fruit of your choice. This bomb has no added white sugar but the sweetness you acquire from the dates itself. The best post workout snack . Just one bomb  mid snack between breakfast and dinner and your daily dose of these are fulfilled. Here’s my recipe

1. DATES 1 Cup
2. Almonds 1/4cup
3. Cashews 1/4 cup
4. Walnuts 1/4 cup
5. Ghee 2tbsp
6. Cardamom powder 1/2tsp


1. Pulse your dry fruits together to a coarse powder .
2. Heat ghee in a vessel add finely chopped dates and let it cook for 5 mins
3. Add nuts powder cook for 1 minute
4. Add cardamom powder and switch off your gas
5. Take the mixture out of the vessel into a plate and let it cool   a bit
6. While the mixture is still warm place mixture in between palms and roll it in form of ladoo.
7. Don’t let the mixture cool down completely or else you won’t be able to form rounds.
8. If not rounds just let it cool down completely and put it in airtight containers.
9. Enjoy every bomb or a tablespoon of this mix .

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  1. Sunetra Rane

    Sweet and simple recipe a must for me after jayant sir aerobic classes . Lots of love and good luck. Happy Cooking. Many more simple effective calories conscious dishes.

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