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This sweet dish is made of sago (sabudana) and moong dal. Unlike other kheer paysam this is boiled and made in coconut milk and sweetness comes from brown jaggery. This is made for prasad or on any special in South and served in coconut leaf after meal is over
Some use chana dal but I use moong dal simply for the reason as it’s my mom’s recipie and very quick and easy to make.
Here’s my mom s recipie

1. Moong dal 1cup
2. Sabudana 3/4th cup
3. Coconut shredded 2cups
4. Brown jaggery 2 cups
5. Cardamom powder 1 heaped teaspoon
6. Cashews to garnish.
7. Salt

1. Soak moong dal and sabudana separately in water for 2.5 hours
2. Put coconut in a blender add 2 cups water.
3. Extract the milk by straining in a separate bowl.
4. Put the coconut again back into mixer with 2 cups water blend nicely.
5. Extract this dilute milk in the vessel in which u will make paysam. Don’t add the first extract.
6. On the gas let the milk become warm add the moong dal .
7. Let it cook till dal is mashed completely it will take anywhere between 15 to 20 mins
8. Now add the first extracted milk and jaggery
9. Let the jaggery melt
10. Add sabudana
11. Once u add sabudana stir continuously or else sabudana will stick to bottom and burn
12. Add cashews
13. Add cardamom powder and little salt. (Salt enhances taste of any sweet dish).
14. Give a resting time of 20 mins and serve piping hot .

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